The Power of The Kingdom

The Power of His Kingdom is not for the faint

It comes to those with some restraint

Sin cannot mix with His Will on the Earth

It often hinders – this I have learned.

If we would be yielded, we would have more power

Instead of wrestling by the day or the hour.

When there is a tempest, we would not be forlorn

If we are reigning with Jesus, for this we were born.

But we struggle and strive – this is no lie

Against His Spirit, for our flesh to survive

The things we don’t want to do we do

For sure, sometimes, our hearts are true.

Why must there be this tug of war

between our flesh and our spirit? And what is more....

we hesitate to pray, sometimes even for days.

If we want something enough, it is sometimes tough.

That’s when we are better to give up and worship Him.

He does not trust His Power to all –

So on His Name we must daily call.

Those who are led by the Spirit of God

Are truly His sons on this earthly sod.

Janet Vargas © Aug 2017

In the original Greek translation, Sons of God

actually means “Mature Sons of God” (Rom 8:14)

He Does Not Lie – Let’s Pray

God is not a man that He should lie

Neither the son of man that He should repent

but we make mistakes and often relent

when He says “be not wise in your own eyes.”

Sometimes we think He has let us down –

When difficulties arise, they come as a surprise.

Sometimes we fret and sometimes we frown –

We so often question and surmise.

We have heard He is no man’s debtor –

If we really believe this, He can snap our fetters.

Yes God is not a man that He should lie

Neither the son of man that He should repent.

So be patient and wait for Him, be of good cheer –

Each time we do this, His Presence is near.

Settle not for the things of this world –

Be in His Glory held.

Wait things out with Him,

He will fill you to the brim.

He will come through for you.

Jesus walked this Earth and He wore our shoes –

Tired and weary, He prayed to His Father

We are not greater than out master.

Pray in the morning and at night

And He will give you eagle’s sight –

One lens for the Heavens as well as the Earth

This is found on our knees and not in church.

Janet Vargas © Aug 2017

We cannot skip the basics, if we want to enter into

the Power of the Kingdom. Many of us get upset about things

and we need to live in True Freedom.

Redeem the Time

Life is full of choices and different voices

Choose the best and you will fret less.

Be careful how you lend your ears

This will make for more days with cheer.

Keep your Lord close and never roam

This will make for Peace in your home.

Don’t listen to lies, keep your eyes on Paradise

Unseen enemies speak words that are not true.

Keep your ears for Jesus and His Love for you.

Be mindful of things you cherish

Some things are destined to perish.

So make sure you balance them with heavenly things

And oh such pleasure and Joy they will bring.

Be not subdued by things untrue

Keep your heart full of Jesus and His Love for you.

And you will sing everyday along life’s way.

Scripture says to Redeem the Time.

Janet Vargas © Feb 2018

The Christian Kingdom Of Love

Blessed is the soul that's born again,

Cleansed by the Blood of Christ,

That mighty flood that teaches men

How much God sacrificed.

Lord Jesus chose the Cross to bear,

His destiny to face...

In answer to each sinner's prayer,

To save the Human Race...

That's why today the Gospel's taught

In Israel and beyond

And why today that we are bought

With Blood when we respond...

And so God's Kingdom must increase

With every passing week,

A million more God can release,

If we, lost souls, would seek.

It's by God's Word that faith can grow

Just like a mustard seed,

Until one day the world will know

How much God's love we need...

In word and deed, let's be a voice

In every wilderness,

So that lost souls can make the choice

That brings God's happiness!

Denis Martindale © May 2011

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