The World Needs Leaders!

Godly leaders…

  • Who use their influence at the right times for the right reasons;
  • Who take a little greater share of the blame and a little smaller share of the credit;
  • Who lead themselves successfully before attempting to lead others;
  • Who continue to search for the best answer, not the familiar one;
  • Who add value to the people and organization they lead;
  • Who work for the benefit of others and not for personal gain;
  • Who handle themselves with their heads and handle others with their hearts;
  • Who know the way, go the way, and show the way.
  • Who inspire and motivate rather than intimidate and manipulate;
  • Who live with people to know their problems and live with God in order to solve them;
  • Who realize that their dispositions are more important than their positions;
  • Who mold opinions instead of following opinion polls;
  • Who understand that an institution is the reflection of their character;
  • Who never place themselves above others except in carrying responsibility;
  • Who will be as honest in small things as in great things;
  • Who discipline themselves so they not be disciplined by others;
  • Who encounter setbacks and turn them into comebacks;
  • Who follow a moral compass that points in the right direction regardless of the trends.

John C. Maxwell

Developing the Leader Within You

Nashville: Thomas Nelson, 1993, p. 201

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The Messiah And The Mentor

When Jesus spoke to those nearby,

He showed authority,

Explaining God has reasons why,

Fulfilled through Calvary...

Appointing mentors one-by-one,

As leaders men could trust,

So Christians learn to serve God's Son

In each new way they must...

That's why each mentor blesses those

Who heed the good advice,

Reminding them that Jesus rose

With all grace He supplies...

With nothing lacking for Good News,

For Gentile and for Jew,

Enough to make sure each can choose,

Including me... and you...

Christ's blessings need God's guiding hand,

A word of power said,

Such that God shows what He has planned...

To even raise the dead...

That's why the Church can grow and grow,

Beyond our hopes and prayers,

Like Heaven's glory meant to glow,

For nothing else compares!

Denis Martindale © 2017

This poem is a good indictment

to some Televangelists

Please be careful.

From Revelation To Revelation!

How blessed are we, of all Mankind,

With sacred hymns of praise?

With revelation there to find...

To guide us through our days!

Do it again, Lord! This we pray!

Revival to release!

Lord Jesus is the only way

To find eternal peace!

With precious prayers from saints of old,

With insights borne of grace,

Such that God's glory can unfold,

Such that we see in Christ's face!

Let's give God glory while we can!

Let's preach God's Word anew!

So God will bless our fellow man!

So he can praise God, too!

Denis Martindale © 2017

The Man Of God!

The man of God can prove his worth each time he starts to pray,

For every lost soul on this Earth that doesn't live God's way...

Such that one man seeks better things God only can release,

By faith, to serve the King of Kings, the precious Prince of Peace!

It's then the Man of God proclaims that grace abounds the more,

Yes, in the name above all names, that's Jesus Christ, for sure...

Like Peter, James and John and Paul, decreeing what must be,

By seeking one more miracle, paid for by Calvary!

Dispatching angels to protect and catching demons out,

Yet treating women with respect, for that's what love's about...

And waiting Christ's return at last, when Jesus rules the globe,

The man of God remains steadfast, by faith, love, grace and hope!

Denis Martindale © 2017

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