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Jesus is Real - Religious Confusion

If you want Joy, Real Joy...ask JESUS
to come into your heart and find His

Identity of Jesus

Jesus is declared in scripture (Word of God) to be the Great I AM......He answered the questioning pharisees (religious people of that day) “I AM”. He said to the Samaritan woman at the well who spoke of a Messiah (sent one) to come “I am He”. An ancient prophet spoke of this coming one as “The Prince of Peace, Mighty God and Wonderful Counselor”. No-one ever counseled like Jesus. We see that with the woman at the well and various people who came to Him. The people in the townships said “No-one ever spoke to us like this man”. The people who gathered in the city and country-sides “hung upon His Words” and trusted in Him.

Yes, and He is the One we sing of in Christmas Carols when we say “Peace on earth and Good Will to men”. There's no Peace you can experience on this earth like the PEACE that JESUS has to give you......”it passes all understanding”. It's good to keep this Peace enthroned on your heart as you walk in this life. It's the same peace that will usher you into Heaven when Jesus Comes if you love Him.....or at your bedside when you slip away from this world one day.

No-One like Jesus!

Yes, there is no-one like Him who “changed the water into wine” and the calendar of time – into BC and AD. Millions have placed their faith and affections on Him and experienced answered prayer and a changed life......even Muslims who have reduced Him to a prophet, a mere mortal man. Yes, He is the Immortal One who knows no mortality_ who conquered death, hell and the His Arms I wish to stay in this life and the next at the commencement of eternity_ the commencement of forever days. “We've no less days to sing His praise than when we first begun” says the song AMAZING GRACE that was penned by a slave trader who found this wonderful Grace in which so many of us stand. No-one forgives like JESUS who said on the Cross man placed Him on “Father, forgive them, for they no not what they do”. He was praying as the Son of Man who was God become man, and took our place there “bearing our sins and offenses” so we could be free of them and have our relationship restored with an Almighty God_ to have a right standing with Him restored. To the “Whosover will come to Me” said Jesus, and “I give them Eternal Life” that no-one can take from you_ no man and no religion. He is YOURS FOREVER when you've given your heart and life to Him.

PEACE to you from the Prince of Peace, the King of Kings. This is His “Good Will” to you who receive it. Yes, receive Jesus, that is the BEST good will you can experience in a lifetime. This Living God who has taken your place as a man to justify you before a Holy God. When you receive Him as the SAVIOR who “Loved you and gave Himself for you”, it's just like you've never sinned (offending God) and have a new life, a fresh clean start and you are BORN ANEW spiritually. You become a child of God. This is something  religion and philosophies cannot give Seek Peace with Jesus, He's the Only One who can help you.....and walk with Him each day. Only He can sanction you before a Holy God because He is God.....and He imparts true righteousness to you....freely given. And once you've received this, never look back but go on_ into the best
He has for you.


Jws or Mormons......I'm confused?

Jesus is the only sanctification you don't need doctrines, rituals or creeds. He is the Word of God, the Eternal One, without Beginning or End. Read Jesus' Words and His followers words in the Bible (inspired word of God) and cling to Him alone. Only He can Save you and speak Words of Life to you. In your spirit there will be an inside witness of the Spirit of God Himself.

Don't be mislead by Jws (Jehovah's Witnesses) who have chucked everything out of His Word they don't understand and made their own incomplete bible.....OR....Mormons, who have taken some of the bible and added a whole lot of uninspired content. Actually, they have no place for the bible itself in their lives_ only the Book of Mormon and other fatalistic writings including a 'Scrapbook' they are highly dependent on. They only lure you at times with certain verses in a bible into empty and deceptive doctrines that cannot save you. Neither can someone with an incomplete bible where all the precious things pertaining to Salvation in Jesus and living a spiritual walk with Christ are omitted, the best guidance you can have in this world. They won't let you have a blood-transfusion if your health or life is at risk – so allergic are they to the Blood of Jesus, the ultimate Price God Paid to secure SALVATION for you in this life and the Next (eternal – a life in heaven).

I once met a JW girl in her 30's with Fibromyalgia in a way that only God could arrange. We got together in a library.....she kept sensing the Peace of God as we spoke. She commented that she trusted me and exchanged details. She also felt loved. She was considering buying a product from me to help her with her condition. When I felt led by the Spirit of God to let her know that Jesus desired to heal her, she became wary because of things she had been taught_ that healing was of the devil. I have a question to ask people of that religion. If the devil heals you, howcome he made you sick, then he made you well OR did God make you sick and the devil made you well? Really!

Our true bible (inspired Word of God) tells us that sickness is a work of the enemy of mankind and that Jesus came to undo his works and bring healing. This makes so much more sense, doesn't it? There is so much said about healing in the bible, I don't know how they could miss this, but so many people get mixed up. Religious cults mess with your brain, and the bible has  cautions about that.
The enemy of man-kind peddles such doctrines at your door sutlely and persuasively, because he does not want you to be Saved in this life or the next_ so he uses such people to lure you into a 'Counterfeit' before you find the REAL.....or more correctly to say, so you don't find the real and actually reject it once you've been misled into thinking these “doctrines of men and demons” can give you Eternal Life.

They even present a false Christ to you_ not the One He claimed to be! Jesus said “Learn of Me”_ you need His Identity right before anything else! Then He can speak to you and lead you. Also reveal His Words in the (true) bible to you, that has stood the tests of time long before those religions existed. And they both have the nerve to say the bible is corrupted. Friends, whose corrupt? Those doctrines are so twisted, and Jesus called the devil the “father of lies”. He was in the beginning with Adam and Eve, enticing them to submit to him by saying “has God said?”, you know, “did He really say?”.

Yes, God said "don't touch that tree of the Knowledge of Good and Evil”, because He knew that the moment they did, that evil would spread throughout the history of man_ all the sadness and hardships we experience and see in the world Today. Adam and Eve (man) knew only GOOD before that. Yes, the GOODNESS of God and unbroken fellowship with Him “in the evenings, the cool of the day” after they enjoyed themselves all the day! Friends, can you tell me why they would want anything more?  What did God deprive them? Yes, the enemy of mankind will deprive you the Peace of True Salvation only if you let him. Do not submit to the voice of the world that says 'there is no God' with their big bang theory OR religious Sects that will cheat you out of a TRUE GOD and ALL HE HAS TO OFFER YOU! 

So many voices in the world Today and the bible says “He is not a God of confusion but of PEACE......” Yes, JESUS is REAL.....the TRUE JESUS. What better way for the devil to keep you away from Him than presenting different counterfeits? Because he knows very well, that once you've found Jesus, he has lost influence with you in this world. No wonder he is called a deceiver (actual meaning of the word devil) he is referred to in the bible as “the god of this world's system” and it is passing away when JESUS COMES......I'm glad it is! Then all those who are in Heaven - through their acceptance of Jesus as Lord and Savior – will know nothing but GOOD and the Goodness of God for Ever and Ever AMEN (let it be) that is not some religious term, that's your approval to all the Good Things of God.......Hey? I think it's great – the only way to live! So I say, be careful not to get caught up in these religions and miss out on a Personal Relationship with a Living JESUS and all He claimed to be!

What way will You go?

There's a few things I want to tell you without being seemingly religious. The devil (deceiver) is a Masquerader of Lies. Mankind (Adam and Eve) were cheated by him in the first place in the Garden of Eden. God instructed Adam to “watch that garden” in other words, to be alert. Real Christians are Alert to his Lies. God says in the inspired word of the bible that He doesn't want you to be ignorant to his devices. Put a stop to this anarchy in your lives, he is not your God, don't let him Lord it over you_ through the world's system with all it's confusion OR the religious system, for that is so confusing too. The devil meant it to be_ to put you off of God, just like the news program. So many people don't watch it anymore. The world's system says “where is God?” and the religious system says “He's this, He's that....” everything but who He TRULY IS. Friends, don't settle for either lie.

GOD LOVES YOU and wants you to be His Child......”we are precious to Him with whom we have to do” on this earth_ His Reality is in Everything He CREATED for our enjoyment.

 This Mighty God, the Great I AM.......Great I AM, because He's everything you need Him to be and MORE. Your love ones, friends and neighbors. JESUS (God Manifested) is the Answer to the World Today, not One World Government (that was prophesied in the bible) or anything else. What the world needs now is Love sweet Love – as the song says – and GOD IS LOVE. Jesus went ALL the way for you at the CROSS of CALVARY just for your SALVATION. The bible says that “He (Jesus) emptied Himself of His GLORY in Heaven and became a MAN (one of us)” just to show us what He (God) is really like, and purchase your Salvation, so you don't have to pay for it by works. 

So now you know

This Salvation that is reserved for you is for the “whosoever” to claim, it's rightfully yours – you don't have to earn it AND you don't have to be 'religious and churchy'......all He asks is for you to Love Him like you do your love ones and simply believe His Words, never mind man's with all their persuasions. You can be “COMPLETE IN JESUS” like the bible says, not having to submit to all the Extras of man.......they can't Save you, they are folly to God “beggarly elements of the universe” and He says “not to submit to these rules and regulations".

I've heard it said that 'man is incurably religious'......but friends, GOD is still REAL and that's why men have tried all these different ways to find Him because their instincts, the very fibre of our beings tells us that 'there is a God”. His signature, His fingerprints are “Visible in Creation”.....that's what He tells us in His Word.

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