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Eternity: Not So Strange

After all, many of us go into this stage of life all the time. You might well call death the 'curtain' between Scene 1 and Scene 2. We're in Scene 1 now....we play the part. There's no doubt about that. The Coming of Christ might well be called the 'interval' between this establishment and the next – the commencement of entering into the new.

The Word of God clearly states that “whoever believes in Jesus will not perish – banish in a state of chaos – but have everlasting life – in His Presence, and abundance of riches in Glory”.
And according to this same Living Word, “whoever does believe on Him” in the true sense is “saved” and “born anew”....”behold, now is the day of Salvation”. Jesus said “except you be born anew you cannot enter the Kingdom of Heaven. You must be born of water (natural birth) AND OF THE SPIRIT to enter therein”. JESUS is the SAVIOR: He has the say. He was'nt only “the son of man” but also GOD made Manifest.

So you see, we need to have Jesus in our lives; be saved; be born-anew to enter in. Either we have Him or we don't. If we don't, it won't be any different later. There's nothing about death that justifies you or me. That's merely the stamp on our justification or other. So what we are'nt now, we can't be later.
After all the “heavenlies” is an “inheritance”, a Homeland for believers in Jesus (God made manifest). They have – in Him – made their citizenship there, “sealed with the promised Holy Spirit, which is the guarantee of our inheritance until we aquire possession of it”....”This is the immeasuable greatness of His Power in us who believe” which the Almighty “accomplished in raising Christ (the Son of Man) from the dead”. And so on, that we may share in His Resurrection-Life. Now (spiritually) and later (physically) when He returns.
You see, there's no going around God when our curtains come down to meet our destiny – that of our own decision prior to death – so here again, if we don't have this inheritance, from the moment of decision (new-birth) we don't have an inheritance to inherit; it is'nt rightfully ours.
You see, according to the Living Word, our fore-parents (Adam and Eve) signed their rights and privileges out.....ours' also.....when they had taken the opposition's word “has God said?” or “did he really say?”. Quite legally they willed it – foolishly but so.
This is why Jesus (the Son of Man) had to “intervene” to replace the rights and privileges to “whoso-ever” would come to Him; take Him at His Word and commit their lives to Him, His Word, His embracing care.
He gave Himself an offering, an acceptable one that we may adopt His right standing before our righteous God and thus be “accepted in the Beloved”, if we take this challenge to heart and accept Him into our lives. He PAID very highly to Redeem us – He expects full surrender.
Now we know the reason for unbelief, doubt, fear, sickness, poverty, sin and destruction. Because the enemy of mankind stripped us of our faculties of right standing, belief, health, well-being and Peace. Jesus replaces these faculties the moment we're born-anew; we're born with them by the Spirit of God. Many Christians can testify to this. Jesus said “whoever believes on Me – in the true sense – will not remain in darkness”.....that's why He said to us “I AM THE LIGHT of the world”. He is waiting for you to say “Lord save me.....” and let Him into your life. “Therefore if anyone be in Christ, he is a new creation, the past has passed away and all things have become new”.
So you and I cannot deny the undeniable; the compelling influence on us of our living God and His Living Word. One cannot even read His Word (or hear His Word) without some reaction of response or rejection. One is no more oblivious to God than one is to death.
And just to think that your destiny in Scene 2 depends on your reaction in Scene 1, “Now is the Day of Salvation”......”how shall we escape if we neglect so Great Salvation?” The Heavenlies IS AN INHERITANCE......for those who have walked with the SAVIOR. Narrow is the way because He said “I AM THE WAY”.
Jesus said “He who rejects Me and does not receive My Sayings has his judge – already - the Word I have spoken will be his judge on that day”. Christ came with Compassion the first time, He will come in His Exaltation the second time. Those who reject His Word “will mourn because of Him”.
It's good if you are religious, but sometimes it is'nt because you are convinced that religion is going to get you to Heaven. “As many as RECEIVE HIM, to them He gives the power to be SONS and DAUGHTERS of GOD”. We have been reading the way to receive Him.

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