Your fingerprints are on my heart.

Fingerprints that teach me about caring.

Fingerprints that teach me about love.

Fingerprints that teach me about courage.

Fingerprints that teach me about hope.

Fingerprints that bring me closer to my loved ones.

Fingerprints that bring me closer to myself.

In the time I cared for you my whole life changed --

never to be the same again

All this from tiny fingerprints that touch my heart.

You will live in my heart forever - never to be forgotten.

I will always love you.

You are my child.

Tom Krause © 2001

I Miss Your Laughter

I miss your laughter, fun, and gentleness.

I miss the things I used to do for you.

I miss the time, now filled with emptiness,

When each day was a stage for something new.

I miss your love, though mine for you remains,

A passion with no outlet to the sea,

A teardrop in a desert, that contains

What's left of my maternal ecstasy.

I miss your presence, like a silent chord

That anchored even solitude in grace.

I miss, for my love's labor, the reward

Of seeing some small pleasure in your face.

All these I miss, and yet they are all here

Within my heart, far more than I can bear.

Nicholas Gordon ©

If Tears Could Build A Stairway

If tears could build a stairway

and thoughts a memory lane

I'd walk right up to heaven

and bring you home again

No Farewell words were spoken

No time to say good-bye

You were gone before I knew it

And only God knows why.

My heart's still active in sadness

And secret tears still flow

What it meant to lose you

No one can ever know.

But now I know you want us

To mourn for you no more

To remember all the happy times

Life still has much in store.

Since you'll never be forgotten

I pledge to you today

A hallowed place within my heart

Is where you'll always stay.

God knows why, with chilling touch,

Death gathers those we love so much,

And what now seems so strange and dim,

Will all be clear, when we meet Him.

I Knew you for a Moment

Author Unknown

We Miss You So Much

If we could visit Heaven even for a day

Maybe for a moment the ache would go away

We’d put our arms around you

And whisper words so true

That living life without you

Is the hardest thing to do

No matter how we spend our days

No matter what we do

No morning dawns no evening falls

When we don’t think of you.

Author Unknown

My Angel in the Sky

Each day I look to heaven,

each day I call your name.

Each day just feels so different,

It hasn’t been the same.

Each day I always question,

I often wonder why?

You had to go away from me,

My Angel in the sky.

I keep you in my memories,

since we’ve been apart,

and I’ll always have a part of you

locked safely in my heart.

Author Unknown

Babies and Infants are just like Angels

So Innocent - Yes!

I Am In Heaven

Mummy I am in Heaven so please don't shed your tears

I can see you and I love you and I will through all the years

I know you are my mother and none other would I have chose

For even up here in Heaven true love continues to grow.

Daddy I see that sometimes when you are all alone

your eyes get kind of misty and your thoughts they kind of roam

You are thinking of how things would be if I was there with you

all the things you would have taught me and watched me as I grew.

But I still love you my dear parents as if I was there on earth

I remember how you longed for me and looked forward to my birth.

There was nothing you did wrong so please put your minds at rest,

God just wanted to keep me and you know He picks the best.

And one day we will all be together in our castle in the sky

true peace and love and happiness, things money cannot buy

And you can hold your angel and sing me a lullaby

for a parent's love for their children is a love that will never die.

Author Unknown

And So...

And so I hold your tiny hand in mine

For the hardest thing I’ve ever had to face

Heaven calls for you

Before it calls for me

When you get there save me a place

A place where I can share your smile

And I can hold you for more than just awhile

Michael W. Smith ©

Hopes And Dreams

All the hopes and all the dreams

and all the tears we've cried

are wrapped in love and tenderness

and safely tucked inside

All the wishes, all the plans

that never came to be

are held within a broken heart

and quiet memory

The tiny little treasures

that we can hold and touch

keep us close forever to

the child we love so much.

Author: Unknown

For Such A Little While

God gave you your daughter

For such a little while;

He put a bit of heaven

In the sunshine of her smile

He took dust from the brightest twinkling stars

And made her sparkling eyes;

And now, she's gone back home to God,

To play up in the skies.

And though she left so quickly

That you hearts are grieved and sad,

We know she lives with God

And her small heart is glad.

And though your precious darling

Was just a rosebud small;

She'll bloom in all her beauty

On the other side of the wall.

Author Unknown

A Precious Cord

We are connected,

My child and I, by

An invisible cord

Not seen by the eye.

It's not like the cord

That connects us 'til birth

This cord can't been seen

By any on Earth.

This cord does it's work

Right from the start.

It binds us together

Attached to my heart.

I know that it's there

Though no one can see

The invisible cord

From my child to me.

The strength of this cord

Is hard to describe.

It can't be destroyed

It can't be denied.

It's stronger than any cord

Man could create

It withstands the test

Can hold any weight.

And though you are gone,

Though you're not here with me,

The cord is still there

But no one can see.

It pulls at my heart

I am bruised...I am sore,

But this cord is my lifeline

As never before.

I am thankful that God

Connects us this way

A mother and child

Death can't take it away!

Author Unknown

Little Snowdrop

The world may never notice

If a Snowdrop doesn't bloom,

Or even pause to wonder

If the petals fall too soon.

But every life that ever forms,

Or ever comes to be,

Touches the world in some small way

For all eternity.

The little one we longed for

Was swiftly here and gone.

But the love that was then planted

Is a light that still shines on.

And though our arms are empty,

Our hearts know what to do.

For every beating of our hearts

Says that we love you.

Author Unknown

It is my belief that The Lord doesn't decide to take this one and that one Home

like some Christians say about babies and children - there are medical reasons -

it's still nice to think of our child as "the best" aye?

Try to give Him the unanswered questions and let them rest.

And run to Him rather than away from Him, so He can comfort you.

Seek His Presence continually so you can feel Heaven close.

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