Inspirations for Christians - Hopeful and Meaningful and Positive!

Break That Stronghold

Self is the stronghold of the Enemy:
As long as we dwell on ourselves
and keep solutions on a shelf
As long as we keep peace at bay
by listening to what destructive thoughts say
There is inner turmoil
and memories of things hurtful.

He seeks to turn your thoughts inward
so you can't cope
Lessening your sense of hope.
If you're going to think inward
think of Christ
the Hope of Glory, not the enemies lies.

If you need setting Free
be fully yielded
A new sense of liberty you will see
you will find your thoughts shielded.

Remember the Sacrifice of Praise
will your heart and spirit raise.
So think of Christ instead of self
and be in His Arms of Blessing held.

Janet Vargas