Inspirations for Christians - Hopeful and Meaningful and Positive!

Trust Me Anyway

Lord, when I have a problem
That is troubling me some way,
And I can’t see how You’ll solve it,
“Trust Me anyway,” You say.

Even when it seems to me
There’s a mountain in the way,
You tell me You can move it;
“Trust Me anyway,” You say.

You’ve taught me to rely on You,
To trust You come what may;
My doubts and fears all disappear
When I trust you anyway.

 J M McIntosh  © 1994

A God Of Hope
I just want to say thank you
For this life you've given me,
For all the wondrous blessings,
For setting my spirit free

You are such an awesome God
Who only gives the best,
Giving us a life of hope
When we face all kinds of tests

For often we face in life,
Struggles of every kind,
Little things can get us down
And peace is far from our minds

But you give hope to carry on
No matter what we face,
When we feel like giving up,
Unable to finish the race
You step in just in time
With angels heaven sent,
To encourage us to carry on
And to give us extra strength

So I praise you, Lord, for whom you are
And for all that I can be,
For I'd never have a better life
Apart from your life in me.

M.S.Lowndes  ©
Good Days This Way
Always think of your cup as half full instead of empty
Of peace and happiness, there is plenty.
Let this be your frame of mind
Keep it with you all the time.
If some days have less instead of more
Keep looking to the One who restores.
He makes us joyful and He makes us wise
There is a certain beauty that lies
In moments of prayer in your day or night –
We are precious in His sight.
So rest and be blessed in living this way –
His Presence is Lovely, have a beautiful day!
Janet Vargas © Aug 2017

Think on These Things

On whatsoever things are true,
Our hearts should always feed;
Things honest, lovely, just and pure,
Are what our thoughts now need,
With things that are of good report,
Of virtue and of praise,
And moderation should be sought
Through all our earthly days.
Then let us now give thanks to Him
And in our hearts rejoice,
And let not sin our vision dim;
His fellowship our choice.
Then peace that can all things surpass
Will keep our heart and mind,
Until no more through darkened glass
Eternal joy we find.

John Ecob©

Before the Sun Rises ~ I Will Seek You

Before the sun rises
Before awakes the dawn
I will find You
I will join Creation’s song

Before the noise begins
Before life’s clamor rings 
I will hear You
I will listen to what Truth brings

Before the demands start
Before busy challenges arise
I will seek You
I will absorb all Love supplies.

Sue Nash  ©  2013

“I love them that love me; and those that seek me early shall find me.”
Proverbs 8:17

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