Inspirations for Christians - Hopeful and Meaningful and Positive!

Dear Jesus

Life is not for reflecting on things upsetting
and always thinking I want to be getting.
Help me to keep my focus on You
life is not for feeling blue.

Help me to choose what is right
beneficial and pleasing in Your sight.

Blessed Jesus, pave my way
to brighter and better days.
You did not say this life would be easy
but that I can always come to You freely.

Of Your blessings there's more and more
until I reach those Heavenly shores.
Teach me at all times, to be truly wise
not to settle for doubts and lies.
When things get hard
to keep praising You is what I must.

Teach me to bring my thoughts into line
with Your Words that are truly divine.
You are with me from week to week
Your Presence always, I will seek.

Janet Vargas © 2018

Find True Freedom

Are you fretting and feeling blue
thoughts about God and others out of tune?
I can advise you about a few things
awareness of them, freedom may bring.

Try not to self-indulge:
It can give way to doubts and lies
the opposite to God's Love and Light.
It's the breeding ground of our enemies
to hinder those things that keep us free.

Try not to dwell on the past
this can bring you Joy and Peace that lasts
If you center your thoughts on Jesus every day
and seek to bless others, the excellent way.

As long as you dwell on the past and rake things up
you cannot rejoice with Jesus, feast and sup.
Your mind cannot be in two places at once
consider this and the victories' won.

If you put into practice His Words of Life
it will lesson turmoil and inner strife.
When you're thinking outward instead of inward
this will give you clearer vision.

Think of all things beautiful and nice
in your spare moments, it will make your heart light
Remember you're precious in God's sight
your expectations will be bright.

Faith can work it's way into your day
if you keep praising Jesus, this is the way.

Janet Vargas © 2018

Follow Me
All these words that are given to you.
All these thoughts that are given to you.
See the Light that’s given to you.
Hear all the Knowledge that’s given to you.
Erase all the ignorance that’s held you.
Eliminate all the barriers that’s held you.
Peace, a feeling that’s given to you.
All the Life that’s given to you.
All the Love that’s given to you.
Be Free.
Wesley Hall  © 2005

Healing Layers
Shed the night, 
Shed your ego, 
Shed your fright, 
Shed the zero, 
from this life.
Open wide, 
let your mind go, 
step aside, 
let the Light flow, 
through this life.
Given a chance, 
from Above, 
share a glance, 
of Eternal Love, 
for this life.

 Wesley Hall  © 2005