Inspirations for Christians - Hopeful and Meaningful and Positive!

Give Thanks

Thank God for keeping you in your right mind
you thought you would lose it cause peace you couldn’t find.
When you felt like you couldn’t take life anymore
God kept you and your joy He did restore.
The times He made a way out of no way
even the times when you went astray.
Thank Him for times He protected you
from danger you could not see from your view.
Providing food to make a meal
restoring your health the devil wanted to steal.
Healing you from past hurt and pain
promoting you in some way you could not explain.
Thank Him for blessing you with your kids and spouse
blessing you with your car and house.
In everything give thanksgiving
thank Him for the life you’re living.

Michelle Medley   ©

I Thank God!

There were certain pressures
God never intended for me
His Spirit stayed beside me
and made me surpass them all.
It takes pressure to make a diamond
that's what they sometimes say
May you sparkle as brightly
as I feel I am today.

Janet Vargas © Jan 2013

 Be Grateful To God
O Let my heart be loyal to You Lord, 
My Creator and Maker of this world! 
My Omnipotent, Omniscient God, 
The mystery of mysteries unheard! 
How can I ever repay Your Love oh God? 
Unfathomable Love that made my soul! 
And everything goes by Your Grace and Your word, 
In Heaven and on earth, from pole to pole. 
So, let my soul Forever thank You Lord, 
You are my Savior Friend and God. 

John Celes  ©

By His Stripes!
Oh, let the Hand of God well strike the chord, 
Restoring harmony back in my life; 
The peace of mind and heart, bestow on me Lord; 
Deliver me from every vice and strife! 
So many years have rolled by very fast; 
My life was filled by struggles of all types; 
Let me forget the things of the past; 
Forgive my every sin made, by Your Stripes! 
Now triumph smiles again, giving me joy; 
My labor hard has paid off finally; 
Oh, help me breathe with ease and life enjoy; 
Do add me to Your righteous souls’ tally! 
It is time I gave more time for my soul’s care; 
If not for You, my life would have been bare! 

John Celes  ©