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Can you think of Christmas
Without a song or a gift to give in His Name?
Or without joy or peace of heart to share,
As we celebrate again?
Can another year with it's Christmas cheer
But remind us that Jesus died?
And the cradle there is empty,
Indeed, unless He was crucified.
Can wise men from here, or anywhere -
From east or west or south,
But worship the One who, born to die, 
Is risen and forever lives!

Maurice L. Anderson  ©

At Christmastime
I say to myself at Christmastime
my soul shall rejoice and in Him abide.
He who has wrought Salvation's plan
has kept our lives in His loving Hands.
I thank You for Good things this Coming Year
You watch over us and those who are dear.

Janet Vargas  ©

Comfort at Christmas

You cherish me Father and those who are near
You watch over us and those who are dear.
Resting in Your Love and Grace
brings Peace and Joy and a sure Solace.
We have given our cares to You
bless us this Season and next year too.

Janet Vargas  ©

Thoughts at Christmas

I sing songs to You all the day long
this time of the year I feel good cheer.
There is something about Christmastime
it helps me bring my thoughts into line.
Making plans for the year ahead
big or small with You to bless.
I think of some things that have been achieved
all things are possible to those who believe.

Janet Vargas  ©

Our Mum's Christmas Joy

Our Mum went to Jesus on Christmas Eve
it was the very best Gift she ever received.
Ninety One, her Race is Run
her spirit left in the morning sun.
Her favorite songs playing by her bed
when up to Heaven she was led.
Her face was soft and peaceful, she glowed
faithful to Jesus, blessings bestowed.
We rejoiced with her the day before
that she was going to those Heavenly shores.
We will see her again one day
the Son of God, He paved the way
For all who love Him and worship Him
to be reunited, our hearts will sing.

Janet Vargas  ©  Sept 2017
A Christmas Prayer
Loving Father, help us to remember the birth 
of Jesus, that we may share in the song of the angels, 
the gladness of the shepherds, 
and the worship of the wise men. 
Close the door of hate and 
open the door of love all over the world. 
Let kindness come with every gift and 
good desires with every greeting. 
Deliver us from evil by the blessing 
which Christ brings, and teach us to 
be merry with clear hearts. 
May the Christmas morning make us happy 
to be Your children, and the Christmas evening 
bring us to our beds with grateful thoughts, 
forgiving and forgiven, for Jesus' sake. Amen! 

Robert Louis Stevenson ©

Christmas In Heaven

I see the countless Christmas trees around the world below
with tiny lights like heaven's stars reflecting on the snow.
The sight is so spectacular please wipe away that tear
for I am spending Christmas with Jesus Christ this year.
I hear the many Christmas songs that people hold so dear
but the sounds of music can't compare
with the Christmas choir up here.
I have no words to tell you of the joy their voices bring
for it is beyond description to hear the angels sing.
I know how much you miss me, I see the pain inside your heart
for I am spending Christmas with Jesus Christ this year.
I can't tell you of the splendor or the peace here in this place
Can you just imagine Christmas with our Savior face to face?
I'll ask him to lift your spirit as I tell you of your love
so then pray for one another as you lift your eyes above.
Please let your hearts be joyful and let your spirit sing
for I am spending Christmas in heaven
and I'm walking with the King.

Wanda Bencke  © 1998 

The First Gift of Christmas

The first Christmas gift ever given
Wasn't bought in a mart or a shop,
And it wasn't encased in pretty wrappings
With a bright ribbon bow on the top.
The first Gift of Christmas was given
In a manger lowly and bare,
And a blanket was the lone wrapping
Of this gift so priceless and fair.
God gave the First Gift of Christmas,
A most Holy and Wonderful One,
When He looked down in mercy and goodness
And gave us the Gift of His Son!
John Gilbert  ©

At Christmas

Christmas is a time for giving,
A time for love and joyous living,
For glistening splendor and lots of laughter,
Making happy memories forever after.
But with all the glitter, fun and mirth,
Let's not forget the Christ Child's birth.
And the peace that was meant to be.
Dear Lord, let it begin with me,
And may it spread throughout the earth
In celebration of our Savior's birth.
Anna Beth Minyard  ©
A Beautiful Saviour
There is a savior called Jesus
who came to save us from sin
His character and demeanor shines
to all that wish to invite Him in
This Christ came into this world
displaying such a humility of heart
such gracious tones of holiness
showing what He will impart
Giving His own to be made anew
imparting on them His qualities sublime
this God-Man so full of love
being one not bound by time
This savior's person so unique
no other can we compare
to such a one as this Christ
shows such beauty so rare
We bow now before this Immanuel
whom we owe eternal praise
for He died that we will live
to follow Him for everlasting days.
Gordon McConnell  © 2014

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