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Sing To Me, Autumn

Sing to me, Autumn, with the rustle of your leaves.
Breathe on me your spicy scents that flow within your breeze.

Dance with me, Autumn, your waltz that bends the boughs of trees.
Now tell me all the secrets you've whispered to the seas.

Sleep with me, Autumn, beneath your starlit skies.
Let your yellow harvest moon shimmer in our eyes.

Kiss me, Autumn, with your enchanting ways
That changes all you touch into crimson golden days.

Love me, Autumn, and behold this love so true
That I'll be waiting faithfully each year to be with you.

Patricia L. Cisco  ©


Beauty of the Morning

In the beauty of the morning
When the sun awakes the world
When the birds begin their singing
And the clouds are all unfurled.
Have you ever stopped to listen
As the darkness fades away
When the golden dawn is breaking
and heralds in the day?
If you've never seen the glory
of the rising of the sun
Now's the time to do this
For at least, just even one.
Your heart will swell with praises
As you see the beauty there
You will find your spirit soaring
And your heart bowed down in prayer.

  Author Unknown


Treasures come in so many ways:
the sun that lights the cloudy days,
a rainbow from a summer shower, 
a rose that blooms within an hour.
Yes, treasures come in so many ways. 

A baby's staring, wandering gaze, 
a dolphin's dance on ocean waves.
Yes, treasures come in so many ways. 

The heart beats of two souls in love, 
a beautiful white and peaceful dove.
Yes, treasures come in so many ways. 

A sky full of snowflakes of rarest form,
a cup of cocoa to keep us warm.
Yes, treasures come in so many ways.

A house full of family on holidays.
For these treasures we should give God praise!
Yes, treasures come in so many ways. 

I could keep on counting for days and days!

Patricia L. Cisco  ©

Characteristics Of Flowers
They have no mouth, but seem to speak
A thousand words so mild and meek.
They have no eyes , but seem to see
And bury thoughts into me.
They have no ears, but seem to hear
All my cries, my every tear.
They have no arms, but seem to pat
When with worries my heart is fat.
They have no feet, but seem to walk
Along with me in my dreams and talk.
They, I know, are the flowers so nice
That spread their fragrance a million miles.
Grow a few and then you'll know 
How your life is fresh and new.
With a smile so broad, I thank my God,
Whose work to imagine is really too hard.
Pearlyn  ©

My Garden Is My Sanctuary
As I look out to my garden
I feel a sense of pride
It really is a lovely room
Except it is outside.
Where lovely things mix and match
And greenery fills the walls
The sound of trickling water
Coming from the gold fish pond.
I love the sight of stones and rocks
And driftwood and tree ferns too
The sounds of all my chimes
I know you would like it too.
With pride I walk around my garden
And savor each scent and smell
Colors of yellow, red and gold
Striped cushion on a bench.
The bird bath has its own domain
It's placed beside a wooden arch
Where all the birds come to bathe
And drink when they are parched.
Ladybirds can hide away
Sometimes they come out to see
What's happening around them
With caterpillars and the bees.
There's not much more that I can say
Except if you have your own
It won't take long to build it up
Seeds will bloom once they are sown.

  Marie Church  ©

Hello Spring!!

The cold winter has passed and now comes Spring.
The newly hatched baby birds will cause the mother birds to sing.
The warm sun comes out, little cherry blossoms are in bloom.
Beautiful roses will open up and smell of sweet perfume.
The winds soft breeze passes through the tall trees.
There will be plenty of work for the busy honey bees.
From flower to flower, they fly & buzz all day.
Spring is that wonderful time during March, April and May.
By Sally

God’s Wonders are All Around

God’s wonders are all around,
so many blessings for you to see
just use your imagination . . .
come now take a look with me.

You’ll see one in a sunset,
another when it’s on its rise
casting its beauty upon us
splendor right before our eyes.

You’ll hear one in the finch’s song,
listen to the tune he sings
melodies that takes on flight
soaring high on golden wings.

You’ll smell one in the sweet breeze,
blowing across the garden path
blossoms budding and spilling forth
with the same scents filling up your bath.

It’s not too hard to find the blessings,
that comes disguised to us each day
just look past what is expected . . .
and you’ll find them beyond the fray!

Deborah Ann Belka  ©  2013

Psalm 40:5
“Many, O Lord my God, are thy wonderful works
which you have done, and your thoughts which are toward us;
they cannot be reckoned up in order unto you:
if I would declare and speak of them,
they are infinitely more than can be numbered.”

Nature feels Free

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