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Mum's Glory Poems
December 2016

So happy for my Mum because she had two health challenges. She loved us so much
but desired to be Home with Jesus in Paradise during her last two years
and this was granted her.

My Mum, age ninety one was born underweight and carried on a pillow, the first weeks of her life. She used to be size 10 in clothing and went down to size 8 as time went on, to size 6
in her 80's. I am 5 feet tall and she was just pass my shoulders.

Mum would consider herself a plain Jane, everyday person. We saw more in her than
her view of herself and others did too. I've written these Poems for her that will be
placed on a separate website soon. There has been so much interest in the Loved Ones In Heaven pages here, I thought I would include some Poems on this website also!

Our Mum And Gran

Mum/Gran always had a song
she always had a smile
She always had the courage
to walk an extra mile.
She always had a listening ear
and after brought a word of cheer.
When she had cares
she turned them to prayer.

Mum/Gran also had strength
that did astound
Often in weakness it would abound.
She played with the children
and made them laugh
She had hope in her spirit
till she breathed her last.
Her smiley eyes and feet that danced
will be with us always
throughout our days.

A Special Person

Mum always set an example of love
her heart was gentle like a dove.
Everywhere she went in her earthly tent
she had a word for someone
and their hearts she won.
Yes and everyone liked her
a smile was always found with her.
She loved the little things
fancy things her heart would fling.
She was interested in people
more than church steeples.
Jesus went with her wherever she went
she was a gift to this earth Heaven sent.
She shows us you don't have to be
someone special
to be considered as someone
who is truly special.

A Simple Christian Life

Mum liked to have a simple life
one without misgivings, discord or strife.
She always loved the little things
her heart you would surely win.
She loved to give and not to take
let us be like her for Jesus' sake.
Her heart was always for Him
and to have the victory over sin.
She wanted to cross that shore
where there is pain no more.
And now she is free
yes gloriously free.
This was her desire the last two years
and it was granted her
now her heart is filled with cheer.

Our Dear Mum

A Courageous woman, a woman of worth
you were one of God's best treasures
brought to this Earth.
A heart always to bless now your body's at rest.
Now your spirit is in Heaven where there is no leaven.
Just the pure Bread of Heaven, Jesus Himself
the desire of your heart no longer kept on a shelf
For that which was seemingly denied many a time
a desire to be with Him where all things are fine
there is such celebration that follows Earth's resignation
Delicious treats better than sweets as her body sleeps.
She is younger than us now in her land up there
smiles and laughter that cannot compare.
Not an etch of care can be found on her beautiful face.
They were absent as she skipped away from us
and reflected His Grace.
Her steps were always dainty, she loved to dance
she was always swift to those who needed her
almost from birth -
A caring word, a listening ear
she always had hope and a word of good cheer.
We will never forget you Mum of ours
you have run your race now and we are proud
proud of your fortitude and courage to live
surely this life is not lost through a sieve.
For she leaves so many blessings with us
the one who did not want us to fuss.
But we lavished our love on her
it was much deserved
so many priceless things from you
we have learned.
Mum, you were an unassuming everyday woman
the best I know.
"Don't you fret now, my loved-ones
and those I held dear
for I'm now with Jesus
be of good cheer"

Mum and Jesus

I want to tell you about this Mum of mine
to say everything about her, words could not define
for I'm full of affection with her reflection.
She is in Heaven now one week
it's just like playing hide and seek
I cannot see her but I know she's there
no longer on her rocking chair.
Many times her desire seem to be denied
to be with Jesus by His side.
She wasn't interested in golden streets
but paradise and a nice fresh peach
appealed to her now she has mirth
these promises are given in His Word.
She wasn't one for riches and elegance
she loved to wash dishes and her feet love to dance.
If you came into this kitchen of hers
needing an ear and a comforting word.
She would tell you of Jesus in a simple way
no fancy words, she would tell you to pray.
Jesus was with her along life's way
"give it all to Jesus" she would say.
She would never consider it wasted time
to hear someone's story and make them feel fine.
She was human like us but had innocence rare
she would not judge you or lecture you
just lead you to prayer.
She was known as a lovely lady
people loved her like bees loved daisies.
If ever you're feeling out of sorts
things on your mind, you cannot talk -
think of this gentle mother of mine
Jesus invites you with Him to dine.
In your heart, make a start
ask Him in and get to know Him.
Read His Words, the best I've heard.
Keep looking to Jesus like my Mum
and you will be with Him
when your journey is run.

To Be Truly Spiritual

What is spiritual?
Is it endless fasts or things that last?
Our Mum knew how to help and forget herself
she knew how to love and unwavering trust.
She always smiled, and went the extra mile.
She seldom frowned, and loved children's clowns.
What is being spiritual?
Is it in your talk or walk His walk?
Is it you must follow the leader
some thing you could find in a children's reader?
Jesus said let the children come to Me?
Small ones, big ones - I want you ALL to come.
Be child-like and come to His lap
in later years, you will be trees with sap.
It's time to start and never part
He will give you Life and make you laugh
is your walk unfettered or based on Laws?
Delight in Him and you'll want more
of His Presence near, He will bring you cheer.
You should have heard our Mum pray
sweet and simple things she would say.
Her eyes were on Him day and night
she is so precious in His sight.
If we would be like little lambs
innocent, trusting in His Hands -
just like Mum did and our Race to run
we'd wake up with the Morning Sun.
And go to Heaven where there is no leaven
and join her in the Joyful Song
"He loved me, He loved me, my whole life long"
Then she would take you on a Heavenly tour
Precious Promises for those who endure.

Our Mum Ninety One

An unassuming everyday person without pretense
she worked in the garden when she had cares and concerns.
She was quick to help others, there's much we could learn.
A heroic woman in her own quiet way
she weathered the storms for her children, night or day.
She turned worries to prayers the last few years
to see her worship Jesus would bring you tears -
a frail little woman would go to her knees
such a beautiful sight you ever did see.
Rest in Peace now Mum, your Race is run
and now a New Day has just begun.

Mum's Glory Poem

'Twas in the morning of Christmas Eve
the very best Gift she ever received.
Her face looked so peaceful and soft
her heart so sweet.
The presence of angels filled the air -
she left a trail of blessings as she was passing
just like stardust as she went through the milky way.
Precious memories of her linger as her spirit feels near
she is so precious and oh so dear.
She laid restfully on her pillow
her wrinkles had gone
the CD Player we gave her was playing her songs.
Oh how I love her, this mother of mine
she's in that Fair Land now and everything's fine.
Not a cloud of cares now, just sweet refrain
and one day soon we will see her again.
There were clear blue skies when our Mum went
so many blessings from Heaven sent.
Such a dear sweet soul, she is now whole
she shed the things of Earth
now she is filled with mirth.
Yes Paradise was such a surprise
and Pools of Love in Jesus' Eyes.
He embraced her with warmth a New Day is Born.
Oh how we cherish her, this mother of ours
precious memories linger
we could reflect for hours!

The Victory's Yours Mum

Now you have not a day on this Earth
your countenance is covered with mirth.
When you slipped away and ever since
you have Peace in your heart
oh for one more glimpse!
You're treasured here with memories so dear
our reflection of you is very clear.
You had so much patience with us each one
your days up there are bright as the sun.
Walking with Jesus beside Living Streams
it's finally true Mum, it isn't a dream.
All your desires in one day
a Vision of Jesus, your heart did not sway.
We will soon see you - United Above
and then we all shall be
wrapped in His Love.

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