Inspirations for Christians - Hopeful and Meaningful and Positive!

There is something about Morning and Evening, that is different to any other
time of the day. Yes, away from the rush, we can feel the hush and is lovely
to pray. Enjoy His Presence as you read these poems!


Oh, Lord today I was breathless,
when I saw the beauty of Your love
while gazing at the sunrise
peaking through the skies above.

I watched as the stars disappeared,
fading with the dark of night
the morning first rays beaming
with Your glorious eternal light.

As the beauty rose up before me,
a crimson glow was all I could see
oh, Lord today I was breathless
as Your beauty surrounded me.

How I love these early mornings,
when I get a glimpse of You
watching Your love spread out
as Your glory shines through.

Lord,  You gave me this sunrise,
with just the stroke of Your hand
oh, Lord today I was breathless
as You lit up the whole land.

Deborah Ann Belka  © 2013

Before the Sun Rises ~ I Will Seek You

Before the sun rises
Before awakes the dawn
I will find You
I will join Creation’s song

Before the noise begins
Before life’s clamor rings 
I will hear You
I will listen to what Truth brings

Before the demands start
Before busy challenges arise
I will seek You
I will absorb all Love supplies.

Sue Nash  ©  2013

“I love those who love me; and those who seek me early shall find me.”
Proverbs 8:17

Morning Prayer
Lord I want to walk in Your will everyday
To be led by the Holy Spirit and listen to what You say
I know your always speaking so open up my ears
I want to be obedient to the words I hear
Lord I love what You have done in me,
How You have changed who I am
You have changed my heart, the way I see things
And how I understand
I can see the difference and I’m grateful
You would even take the time
To look my way long enough to renew my mind
And now your love overflows my heart
Coming from deep within
I am forever humbled that I can call You Friend
I love You Lord.
Robyne S. Quigg © 

Heavenly Raindrops

Every morning
When I awake

I find You there 

Your presence is comforting,
And I breathe in Your love. 

As I start my day
And rush off
To who knows where, 
I hear You whisper

Your constancy is reassuring,
And I rely on Your help. 

When the evening winds down
And I’ve nothing left to give

I know You care

Your goodness is pleasing,
And I partake of Your rest.

Every day, all day long, I know God is there.

Sue Nash  © 2014

Beauty of the Morning

In the beauty of the morning
When the sun awakes the world
When the birds begin their singing
And the clouds are all unfurled.
Have you ever stopped to listen
As the darkness fades away
When the golden dawn is breaking
and heralds in the day?
If you've never seen the glory
of the rising of the sun
Now's the time to do this
For at least, just even one.
Your heart will swell with praises
As you see the beauty there
You will find your spirit soaring
And your heart bowed down in prayer.

  Author Unknown

An Evening Hour
It was a sunny bright evening, an evening so calm,
The kind of evening that was inviting me with an outstretched arm.
So I decided to spend an hour doing almost nothing,
Sitting and enjoying the best of what nature could bring.
Getting up from my chair, I thought I'd take a stride
Then there was a bumble bee that suddenly came by my side.
There was a kind of music as the bee flapped its wing,
Music so perfect that no one could ever sing.
Walking little further, I spotted a butterfly
Which was hovering over the flowers and then soaring high
And I came to the conclusion as I was on my knees,
Not the richest of queens was dressed like one of these.
My evening hour in the garden was very well spent
And now I know what beauty and music really meant!

Pearlyn  ©

Evening Hours
The dusk has little gateways
That lead to pleasant homes
Enveloped in the soft light
Before the darkness comes.
Each home is in a garden
Alight with vivid blooms,
And there are fragrant posies
In all the restful rooms.
They are so cool and quiet,
After the hectic day,
After the crowded hours
That rush us on our way.
They are the little havens
Where we may turn to sit
And rest us in a leisure
The day could not permit.

Ella C. Forbes  ©

Lovely Bed!
It’s night, beautiful night
after a busy day__
Under the covers
there is no other
thing that I have to do.
I’ll drift into slumber
beneath those covers__
into the quite of night.
Janet Vargas  ©  June 2012

Summer Breeze

Those sweet fragrant flowers
I could smell for hours
they’re perfumed to my delight.
The fragrance is best
nearby where I rest
on my sofa before it’s night.

Janet Vargas ©  May 2012

Pleasantly Blessed
Under my blankets at night__
So cosy I would be__
I look through my window at the stars
The moonlight resting there__
I ponder my day’s activities
When I went out for a walk__
I thank you God and I praise You
For all those comforts of mine__
You’ve blessed my day
You’ve blessed my night
I’m precious in Your sight.
Janet Vargas  ©  April 2012

Prayer at Night
In your Presence I want to linger
through the gentle hush of the night
when there's not a care or task in sight.
A time for reflection of Your blessed Face
Sadness or anger can't be traced
just LOVE and PEACE.
Janet Vargas ©  Sept 2012

Enfolded in His Love
The Love of God Surrounds us
Like the air we breathe around us__
As near as a heartbeat, as close as a prayer,
And whenever we need Him, His always there!
Helen Steiner Rice  ©


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