Inspirations for Christians - Hopeful and Meaningful and Positive!

There is such a thing as aligning ourselves with God
when it comes to living a life in blessings.
And you don't need endless sermons or Televangelists
to show you how - try using these simple
principles as a check list
and do this regularly to catch yourself.

Choose Blessings

Those things we tolerate can often dominate.
So look to the blessings of God
while walking of this earthly sod.
Think of things glad instead of sad
don't dwell on the things that make you feel bad.

Doubts will make you pout
so lift your voice and shout.
Dismiss those fears, let Heaven cheer
the Presence of Jesus is near.

Those who complain remain
so lift your praise and be raised.
Yes lift your soul to the One who makes whole
run your race and don't be late
set that Heavenly goal.

Think of things lovely, kind and beautiful
things that bring honor instead of shame.
Think of the good things in others.
Make prayer your priority every day
and lifting your sisters and brothers.

Set an example to those around you
and don't let the enemy's tactics confound you.
Think of things wise instead of lies
and like an eagle you will glide.

You will be free when Jesus you see
in every day along life's way.
Meditate early, your strength for the journey.
Good things are born when we're not forlorn
yes good thoughts to fill your day!

Janet Vargas © March 2017

The above inspirations are Copyright to this website!