Inspirations for Christians - Hopeful and Meaningful and Positive!

Expectations fly High!

Lord, change my Expectations
I shall live in Celebration!
I'm free to be all I desire to be
and live a life that's truly Free.
Your Spirit is Calling Now to me
and in I can see.
New days on the horizon
the Light has shone.
The waves ripple in
and I'm filled to the brim.
You've given to me a Seed of Faith
Your Blessings Lord, shall not be late.

Janet Vargas  © 2013

Keep it Simple

If you wonder if it's possible to have a little Peace
just come along to Jesus and HE will show the way
You'd be surprised what He can do
for anyone of you
If you come along to Jesus, He will show you right now.
Now let me tell friends of mine
it does not take much time
ask Him to save your seeking soul, for what you've done to Him...
and you will find Him Merciful and instantly concerned with your welfare
on this earth friends and your welfare Evermore.

Janet Vargas  © 2013

Light on your Path

Simplicity in life, that's what we need
and that would be wonderful indeed.
Jesus show me where to start
so I can feel free in my heart.
I need a place of simplicity
in I could rest.
Yes I could find in life the way
and I would be so blessed.

Be my Savior and Friend Always.

Janet Vargas  © 2013

Jesus Saves

Life with Jesus

Our days are fully numbered
not to die at a certain time
But He knows each day we live on this earth
And desires to share them with us.
When Jesus is part of each day
it gives meaning along life's way.
Our souls are blessed and we're at rest
And interests we ENJOY even more.

Janet Vargas  © 2013

To walk with Jesus

Jesus, You're not a burden
You made us not to be heavy laden
with the cares of this life
and endless sermons...
You desire a walk with us,
one of simplicity__
where You relate to us
and we relate to You.
Life becomes such a BLESSING!

Janet Vargas  © 2013

Find True Freedom

The Cross of Christ is about not bondage
It is not so much what you can do for Him
but what He has done for you.
He carried all sins and sorrows, aches and pains
so you don't have
He Triumphed Victoriously to give you a right standing with God
and a Life more Abundant on this Earth.
There is a Fuller life than many have entered into as Christians
embrace this Fullness that Jesus has offered you.
To do this is to embrace are Born to Win.
THIS is the Way of the Cross.
See that Sunshine? Remember He Rose Again
the birds are singing SALVATION'S SONG!

Janet Vargas  © 2013

He Rose for Us

Believe that He wants a Good life for you
see yourself living in this
Not some empty prosperity message
and worldly dreams
But Life...Health... Joy...Peace
your needs met abundance to share.
You don't have to earn this
He said those without money come and receive.
No, you don't have to pay God for Blessings
rather, it's in the readiness to Receive.
it's Activated Trust - that Simple!
Don't limit your blessings to finances OR forgiveness
embrace ALL that He has for you
That's why He left the Rose there to remind you.

CAN YOU SEE dear friend?

Janet Vargas  © 2013

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