Inspirations for Christians - Hopeful and Meaningful and Positive!

Faith Is...
Let Faith be Kind
Faith is Simple, Faith is Kind
live not by feelings all the time
They're misleading,
they make you disturbed
Don't leave Faith dormant,
make it a Verb.
With Faith on your side,
you don't have to strive
Just let it be Kind...
So Simple.

Janet Vargas  © 2014

Faith is Simple
Faith is with you all the time
it does not have to feel sublime
It's so simple, let it be nimble
just activated trust
this one thing I must.
Trust Him today along life's way
Claim it NOW
give doubts a clout
It's really just that simple.
Enter into your Rest in God - This Rest is found in Faith.
Unfulfillment is not because of circumstances so much
but when we as His children have not discovered the
simplicity of Faith that is given to us and moving in it.

Janet Vargas  © 2014
Hope Is...
Hope is a Cheerful Expectation
a cause for Celebration
True Hope works together with Faith.
Let not Hope be a negative 
ie. "I hope it works out......"
but a Godly trait.
Hope can be Light in the darkness yes
but let it be more as you confess
"I know the outcome will be just fine"
and bring your emotions into line.
A Godly Hope can Lift your spirit
but you don't always have to feel it.
 It needs to be nurtured by His Words
but in His Presence Sweetest heard.
Purpose to couple it with Faith
and remember not to leave things late.

Janet Vargas  © 2014
Love Is...
Love is Considerate, Love is Kind
it does not say things out of line.
It's not offended or easily led
when to someone your heart is pledged.
Love does not find the need to correct
when your thoughts are different you let things rest.
Love is not demanding, seeking it's way
but the interest of others, an excellent way.
Love never rejoices at wrong
but likes to fill other's hearts with a song.
Love is Acting, not just in Words
yes, acts of kindness, the sweetest heard.
Love prays for others the things they desire.
Love fills your heart with Faith and Hope
even on a mountain slope
Love still believes and is ready to receive.
 Janet Vargas  © 2014

Joy Is...
Joy is something you afford
there is always room for more.
Joy delights to give applause
to our Great Triumphant Lord!
It does not rely on circumstances
and happiness based on certain chances.
Joy raises a Song and joins in the Throng
delights in the Dance, a Heavenly Romance.
The Angels join in where there's Laughter and Joy
the sons of men it's praise employ.
Joy often brings Peace and Sweet Release
a Smile upon each Face.

Janet Vargas  © 2014
Peace Is...
Be of Good Cheer for I am Near
Peace is to be found in Me.
I'm your Savior, you're in My Favor
let this be a reality.
For as you Trust you will find Rest
and your life will be Blessed.
Make an effort to enter this Rest
 it's yours since the day you confessed
Me as your Savior and your Lord
I want to give you More!
More of this Rest and Measureless Peace
in Me you'll find Release.
Seek me often in this way
it will become your Sweet refrain.

Janet Vargas  © 2014
Praise Is...
Praise is a Mighty Fortress in God
with it many saints have trod.
It Glorifies our Risen Lord
Sing His Praises, do Applaud!
Lift your Voice, a daily Choice
Glorify and Magnify.
Praise with Joy, your spirit employ!
Stretch forth your hands, join Him in the Dance!
Songs and Laughter, He Loves to hear
Praise your God for He is Near.
Whosoever offers Praise Glorifies Me
and to the one who orders his conversation
I will show My Salvation.
Speak Words of Life and Words of Cheer
He'll honor them for He will Hear!

Janet Vargas  © 2014
Strength Is...
Strength is so necessary in Life_ from day to day...
to see things through...for needed energy...
for confidence...for work and relationships...
There are different Hebrew words in the Bible
that give insight into what different types of Strength
God can give us in this life. He imparts certain strengths to us 
encourages us and strengthens us for tasks  
giving us confidence and courage!
David said that God clothed him with Strength
He also referred to God as his Strength
and that the JOY of The Lord can be our STRENGTH.
Paul speaks about being Strengthened on the inside...
and enabling us to do things by His Power - when ours falls short -
with JOY in our HEARTS...
OVERCOMING in life this way...and that JESUS stands at our
side so we can excel in Strength!

Janet Vargas  © 2014


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