Inspirations for Christians - Hopeful and Meaningful and Positive!

Here  purpose to make it easier for you tor you
to believe when you pray
helping to alleviate some of the anxiety and stress that often
accompanies thoughts of believing God to answer prayer.
Even preachers have made Faith sound so complicated at times.


So give Faith Reign and not your doubts - the Choice is up to us. ©

Give Faith Reign, you've all to gain but doubts will make you pout. Yes give Faith Reign,
you've all to gain..... let it make you laugh and shout. ©

Don't try so hard not to doubt - believe anyway. The doubts belong to your mental faculties (your natural senses) but you have spiritual senses too. ©

Let Faith be Kind

Faith is Simple, Faith is Kind
live not by feelings all the time
They're misleading, 
they make you disturbed
Don't leave Faith dormant, 
make it a Verb.
With Faith on your side, 
you don't have to strive
Just let it be Kind...
So Simple.

Janet Vargas  © Dec  2012

Birds are unencumbered by care as they fly in the air. They neither toil or spin....they store not in barns but rest in His Arms....Let us Rest our cares On Him.  © 

Faith is Simple, do not try__ Release it and Let it Fly!  ©

Peace sweet Peace He gives to me and so my spirit is without any sense of need.....and that is Free Indeed! ©

Faith is Simple

Faith is with you all the time
it does not have to feel sublime
It's so simple, let it be nimble
just activated trust 
this one thing I must.
Trust Him today along life's way
Claim it NOW
give the doubts a clout
It's really just that simple.

Janet Vargas  © Dec  2012

Feelings and Faith
Feelings, they come and go
They’re so fickle you know?
You can’t put your trust in them
They’re sometimes your enemies
Sometimes your friend.
I would rather put my trust in Faith
From early to late.
Yes, from the break of dawn to the evening tide
I know that Jesus is ever by my side.
Faith directs me to His Word
The very best I ever heard.
Promises there beyond compare.
My trust is in Him, He makes me to win.
I praise Him for the Victory
And this I will See!

Janet Vargas  © Dec  2017

The Process of Faith

The main thing about Faith is to be decided and resolute
You know what you want and what God wants
Healing is the children’s bread, said Jesus.
It’s activated trust that takes oneness of heart and mind.
Yes a singleness of heart and mind with your eyes focused on Him.
During this process, feelings may flutter a little.
That’s alright because we have this treasure in earthen vessels
So we can dismiss any doubts and continue to trust Him for the miracle.
He is already decided and when we are decided,
That is being in agreement with Him –
That’s all that’s needed.

Just worship Him – healings often come
when we are lost in worship.
Faith is oneness of heart and mind
and so is worship.

Janet Vargas  © Dec  2017

Take your Lead with JESUS.....Don't look to the preacher, this gift is within.
Begin to walk your walk with Him..... Live your life in Him..... Discover your God-Given potential..... and....there's no-one's Faith like yours in HIS EYES!

"A measure of Faith" is given to everyone - it's a faculty of your spirit (sometimes referred to as a sixth sense). He wants you to know that He did not give some more and others less_ they discovered it just like you can.

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