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Living in His Grace
Jesus, You are to be Enjoyed and not endured
Let my heart be assured….
You are thinking good thoughts about me every day.
Let me enter in to this excellent way….
To be living in freedom
One does not constantly reason
“am I pleasing You or am I not?”
Of Your Blessings, there are lots:
Your freely given Grace like the weather fine,
Not constantly checking “am I out of line?”
Your wonderful Love, sent on Wings of a Dove.
Your beautiful Peace, what a sweet release.
In Your wonderful Presence, Joy is the essence.
You visit me day or night….
Cares and concerns are out of sight.
When I am resting in Your Care….
It’s just like the weather Fair.
Your Heart is constantly on Giving
Let me See each day I’m living….
Your Love and Grace reaching out to me
Inviting me to feel Loved and Free.
Jesus I Love You!
“Do I have to pray, do I have to obey?”
Neither one is a concern
When of Your Gentleness I learn.
Instead, I freely come to You
Beholding the One who is Faithful and True
Your unconditional Love Divine….
At these times our love hearts are entwined.
Truly this is a more excellent way….
Enjoying Your Peace, night and day.
There is no set time to pray or pressure to obey….
Being Loved by Jesus is to love Him in return
Sweet and Simple!
Janet Vargas  © Aug 2017

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