Inspirations for Christians - Hopeful and Meaningful and Positive!

The Prayer

I come before you in the Name above every name
You're worthy and awesome, Your praises I proclaim.
I thank You for manifesting what is already done
not only in my life but also in everyone's.
I thank you for providing all of today's needs
my storehouse is full, I declare and decree.
One by one I do confess
forgiving those who have transgressed.
Wash and renew the right spirit within me
as I hide Your Word in my heart that I not sin against thee.
You have enlarged my steps so my feet won't slip
destroying the bands of temptations evil grip.
No weapon formed against me will prevail
those who rise against me shall fail.
You said yo shall never leave of forsake me
nder the blood is where I always want to be.
I am trusting You, keep the Faith, and staying in Your Will
I than You for fighting my battles as I stand still
I thank You for the Victory and being my Strong Tower
I give You all the glory and honor for Your omnipotent Power.

Michelle Medley ©

Q. What is the most powerful sin?
A. The one that attracts You.

We need to Practice Care!

I am placing a list of things here The Lord
just gave me for you to think about.
See what they bring to mind
and pray about them.

Don't think you are exempt

The Holy Spirit is sensitive

Importance of Father-time

Work out your Salvation

Look for His Coming

Watch your priorities

Making Safeguards

Pray not to enter temptation

Do not willfully sin

Don't underestimate

The Lord won't mind if I do this

What we take in daily

Company we keep

Learn to nip things in the bud

Set apart to God

What value do you place on holiness?

Spend time with The Lord

Don't play with sin

The one that's irresistible

Making right Choices

Master sin before it masters you

Unforgiveness - Cancel Offenses

Watch for blind spots
His Word will reveal them.

The one we can't resist is
the one we should resist

Why do you call Me Lord
and do not the things I say?

Grow in His Words
they will strengthen you.

Practice accountability
with The Lord.

Take inventory

There was a song years ago that went like this:

Oh Happy Day, Oh Happy Day
when Jesus washed my sins away.
He taught me how to watch and pray
and live Rejoicing every day.
Oh Happy Day, Oh Happy Day
when Jesus washed my sins away.

There is another song that went like this:

Heaven came down and glory filled my soul
when at the Cross, my Savior made me whole.
My sins were washed away 
and my night was turned to day.
Heaven came down and glory shone around.

Most churches present a Social Gospel these days.
There's no repentance involved (turning away from sin)
so that person does not experience the JOY of Forgiveness.
If that was you - you missed it altogether!
And some of us have forgotten what this experience was like.
Time is like that but each one of us can experience this 
on a regular basis. 
Never forget the Cross, that He went there 
with Joy in His Spirit - seeing us the other side.
YES, You and Me!

Give me a heart of forgiveness when
I think of my brothers/sisters sin
for no-one is perfect oh Lord and I have offended too.
Lead me not into temptation, deliver me from evil.

Keep the Unity of the Spirit and treasure it like Silver
for with it comes the Blessing of The Lord.
Yes with it comes the Blessing of The Lord.

"The Lord be with your spirit"