Inspirations for Christians - Hopeful and Meaningful and Positive!

Some Messages our Loved Ones in Heaven
are saying to us.

Loved Ones In Heaven. A Message from Heaven. Praying for Us. Do not be Upset - Take Courage

Be Encouraged - They ARE Praying For You!

Peace with God. Loved-Ones with Jesus. Let  Him be your Prince of Peace on this Earth dear Friend.

"We are Rejoicing with Jesus - Our hearts are
full of Joy and Gladness"

In Heaven With Jesus. Christian Loved-Ones Happy with Jesus in Heaven - They are Rejoicing and experiencing Blessings Everyday - Eternal Peace and Comfort.

We are Pilgrims on this Earth, waiting for
a Heavenly City

Waiting for our Heavenly Home. We are Sojourners on this Earth, waiting for a Heavenly City whose Builder and Maker is God. Blessed is the Hope of the Righteous.

Their Race is Run. Now they are telling us
to Run our Race and run it Well.

Running Our Race In Jesus. Joseph and David had a Race to Run, so did Peter, John and Paul - Let's Run our Race, till we See the Son.

To use our Faith on a Daily basis.
Don't leave it on a Shelf.

Keeping Our Faith Strong. Things Impossible with Us are Possible with God - when He is Invited into our Situations, He can Work with Them. Let your Faith Grow - Believe for Something Everyday, hey?

Live Your Life Knowing This....

The Joy Of The Lord Is Your Strength. You are not Alone on this Earth - Let the Presence of Jesus Strengthen you Everyday. Loved-Ones with Jesus are Watching to See how we Grow and Progress. They are our Cheerleaders!


Loved Ones In Heaven are Free. Our Christian Loved-Ones in Heaven are so Gloriously Free Now and we await this same Liberation from the Things of Earth - Our Time is Coming and that Blessed Reunion there!!!

Peace be with You ALL

I am pleased to let you know I have heard two testimonies from
Christians who were sent back from Heaven to let us know
that they have seen those who have gone before us
looking over the edge of Heaven like CHEERLEADERS
wishing us Well and Cheering us on!!!