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My name is Janet Vargas I grew up  in a little  township in  surroundings of beach, hills and  country 
and have  lived on a Beach Front  not  far from Adelaide  South Australia. I'm in my mid years now
with a "young temperament" and interests  making  the  most of life in every way.
For many years, I've had an AVID INTEREST in Greeting Cards with 100-200 in my keeping from various stores in different shopping centers....and I had the privilege of making Craft Cards for 6 Years. I've also written a number of Inspirational Writings at different times. In 2010  I commenced creating Inspirational Web-Sites with names like Brighter Shores etc  I love Inspiration, Flowers and Nature!!!
As seen on my other Web-Sites, I've been a prolific writer of Poems similar to Helen Steiner Rice in 2012.
I love to write Nature Poems, God and Nature, Life and Jesus Poems. At certain times I also write Quotes and Sayings with a different flare to most. I like to write Light-hearted Poems for cheering people up and Pleasant Peaceful Poems. My Quotes and Sayings have some meaningful depth. I have a passion for finding Inspirational Photos and Pictures, noticed by some people who have visited my main Web-Site -
50 - 60 Pages.
Beautiful Beach and Sand hills. A Christian Inspirational Website With Lots Of Beautiful Poems and Meaningful Quotes and Sayings.
A little Story of how I came to writing Poems:
The gifting of Poems was completely new to me six years ago.  Unexpectedly - just after
 I returned from a short 4 day holiday in the country (near the ocean) with my sister. I was reading a small book of poems by Helen Steiner Rice one night and expecting the fresh feel of country to wear off in a few days. There was a time of complete exhaustion that preceded that trip to the country. I had not read a book of poems before and they were so lovely, I wanted to make them last. I did not know where to find any more by her, and said to Jesus, "I expect You would know a way"
I had  such  a strong desire to enjoy more and in the morning, I woke up with a nice little poem on JOY.....and more followed, minutes apart. The best way  I can describe  this experience  is that  He inspired  me with Poetic language  for 3 days ....and I commenced writing Poems on a constant basis.  After a few days, I decided to start a new Web-Site and share this blessing with others. That was Inspirations for You, mentioned here on the Home Page. About 25-30% of that Site is NATURE ORIENTATED.  People just LOVE IT!
UPDATE: I am now writing more Spiritual Poems and Meaningful Poems these days
and I have also been writing In Glory Poems for three precious loved ones who are with Jesus
and some similar to bless other Christians in this area.

My Site Activity Reports indicate those pages have many views on a monthly basis -
my poems are much lighter in that area than you will find on most websites.

If you visit my Site Map you will find your way around this website so much easier
because there are so many pages - mingled in the side menu but grouped together
in descriptive sets of links on my Site Map Page HERE Also, you will find an extensive
list of poems written by me on my Janets Poem Listings Page HEREEnjoy!

To those who are interested.
To Answer a few Questions, I don't have religious or church persuasions but I do like to
be personally attune with Jesus and enjoy the company of others who love Him. There is a difference between religious  and  spiritual.  I wish  to keep  simplicity  in my walk  with Jesus  avoiding complications  added by  I like  to keep a BALANCE  of Natural  and Spiritual in
my life....placing Value on Relationship in both areas__ having regard for each person as an individual.......and Jesus as a Person (God and Man) not a religion. I think that's why people I meet often say they've enjoyed conversing with me and have found it "refreshing".
Blessed to be a Blessing.

I cannot make you click on my Site Map page
but if you do, you will be glad you did.