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This is an Inspirational website for Refreshing Inspirations. There are Positive, Cheerful and Meaningful Quotes and Sayings... Pleasant Poems
... Praise and Worship Songs and Music... some
pleasant Light Instrumental Music!

  A Hearty Welcome To You!

There are Inspirational Writings in a Blog also!

Inspirations for Christians: A Wonderful Website with Inspirational Poems and Sayings, Pictures and Music to Uplift and Encourage Christians on a Constant basis. ALL Quality Content Here -  Inspirations Lighten our Day!!!

  Inspirations make us feel Lighter

You can come here for Uplifting and Comfort.
Some writings will impart a sense of Purpose.

Many Christians are lacking in purpose, to live their day, week or year.
This ought not to be because a Christian life is one of purpose, where we take on new-found expression in life - not to be mistaken with church attendance.
Good as that may be, sometimes the church-model can hinder our true expression
(individually speaking) and identity in Christ.

Many of us have not experienced an outworking of that.
Inspirations for Christians is here to help restore the simplicity and vitality
in our Walk with Jesus and purpose in individual hearts and lives.

I trust that you feel welcome and comfortable here.


Would like to see more AUSTRALIANS visiting my
Website and Blog. Most of my Visitors are from Oversees:
USA, Europe and China. Please spread the word.

Celebrating 45,000 Visitors over 18 Mths!

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Loved Ones in Heaven
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Janet Vargas (owner of this website) has two Inspirational Poems websites.
Many of my Poems and Sayings are here in these Pages!
Read more on my About Me page.

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See my new website in Memory of Loved Ones
Have you lost a loved one or Christian friend?
I have made this website really Beautiful
for a pleasant experience
and a Haven you can come to often and
reflect in a nice way.

It is One of a Kind - There is no Site like it on the Net!

More Info Here

Topics in Janet's Blog

Building Confidence in God
Thankful Receivers and Being a Blessing
A Closer Walk With Jesus
Blessings of Laughter

Positives for Christians - A Daily Must!

The Treasures in Contentment

Understanding Family Members and Friends

Eternity: Not So Strange

Jesus is Real - Religious Confusion

More posts coming, I have been having some time out after establishing this website
and a Christian eCard website that commenced round the same time.

Would you like to read 7 Poems I've written for my Sister
who is one of the loveliest women who ever lived?

   Looking for Gladness Inspirations?

This website has changed from a Cards Website I had before to a New Concept in Encouraging and Inspiring Christians.
These are End-Times and scriptures tell us to "Encourage each-other all the more
as Jesus Coming draws near." Now you can have added encouragement
in the comfort of your own home. ENJOY!

I have free eCard websites instead.
Links on Site Map page!

Inspirations for Christians has had 31,000 Visitors
And 38,000 Page Views
since it commenced in Aug-Sep 2017

See you again!

Sing a New Song unto The Lord
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